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This is everything that I lurv. Yes, I said L-U-R-V! LOL!

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This is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL my work. Am I not sugoi? (amazing)


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OC Drawing contest I'm entering WARNING: SPOILERS

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 6, 2014, 12:04 PM
VioletKy is holding a contest and the winner will have their OC drawn. This is a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for Bai Zhen "Babz" Ruan to be finally be seen and not read or written about! I'm still in the beginning of her story, she has only just revealed herself as an infant to the Temple she will soon live in...until IT happens *Cue evil laugh*
Well here is what I have on her...

Name of character –


On Earth: Bai Zhen Ruan, or simply “Babz” as she is called from the 1950’s onward, the “z” was added in the 1980’s (First name: Precious, rare, real, true, chaste, and/or pure) (Second part of first name: White, pure, one hundred, many, and/or cypress) (Last name: Possibly from the name of a lute-like Chinese instrument, which she is proficient in). The name was given to her by Father An Jin.


In the Demon Realm: – She has no given name in Di Yu (the Chinese version of Hell)


Age – The story starts when she is found as in infant but the story picks up more by the time she is her mid-teens to early twenties. Then the story skips forward to the present. So she was alive prior to the Dark Ages, which she was the cause of. After reaching her Awakening she has stopped aging and has reached immortality.


Eye color – When she is calm and collected, her eyes are more of a hazel-green color. However, when showing her true form her eyes become a bright golden yellow. Her eye shape is not like what is typically seen in most Asian people (most Asians have what is called a “single lid”). Bai Zhen’s eyes are set deeper into her face, accentuating her beauty.


Parent/legal guardians and siblings – Bai Zhen is the daughter of Zhong Kui – vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings – and Meng Po – the Lady of Forgetfulness. In the mortal realm, Monks and Nuns raised her in Hēijīn cūn (Black Gold Village,) though Babz likes to call it the Land Where Old Men Play and the Young Misbehave, since, in her view, that’s is all that happens there.    When she does come to discover her true origins, she wishes to meet her parents, specifically Meng Po – and have her bring Cheng Hui back to life since he is the only person (besides Father An Jin) that truly loved her and, according to her religion, it was not “in the Scrolls” for him to die at that time or the way he did.


Race – Zhàyǔ, a creature of pure yin said to devour evil humans. After witnessing the death of her true love, her village, and of her home, her true form is exposed after being locked away by the Monks and Nuns of her Temple and rages across the land, plunging much of the East and West into the Dark Ages. On the outside she doesn't look of Asian/Pacific Islander descent, her skin tone is slightly lighter. She is become paler as time goes on.


Hair color and style – In the beginning her hair is jet black, wavy, and long enough to reach her waist. However, by the 1980’s it is suggested to her that she cut a large amount of it off so she can masquerade as both genders when hunting. After that its above shoulder length and choppy/shaggy/layered. In other words, sexy hot mess that can pass as a boy OR girl. She has ears like those of a cat as well as a long, slender tail. She has been taught magic to conceal both ears (making them human) and her tail…but rarely does she ever hide her tail, especially around Cheng Hui who accepts her “gifts.”


Where she lives –She was left abandoned in front of the Háo shèng (“Holy Sun”) Temple after her surrogate parents saw her black cat ears and golden eyes and mistook her for a monster.


Personal background – Her blood father and mother – Zhong Kui and Meng Po respectfully – along with the other important deities wanted to send Bai Zhen up to the human realm with intentions to purify the Earth of its excessive amounts of Yang energy and to create a better balance. The Gods believed that this could have been done at any time, for that the Earth was still young and growing. But one young deity – a minor, but still powerful – wanted Bai Zhen to be sent to Hēijīn cūn specifically and immediately.  This character’s origin is that of a mystery but it has been said that he was blinded and died in battle after saving a young child in danger in his previous life. As a result, Meng Po has him stay in Di Yu as her personal advisor and gave him the ability to see into the future.       What the demi-God saw was a “Great White Terror” (White settlers invading Hēijīn cūn, carrying illnesses such as smallpox and other deadly things) that would plague the Village, if not the entire continent of Asia. In addition, Bai would have reached her Awakening when this “Great White Terror” arrived. They knew that she would need to be trained by the best Holy People in the mortal realm but without them know of her true nature – and Háo shèng was the perfect fit since the town and temple preach to both sides of the afterlife.


Zhong Kui and Meng Po had the Gods in Heaven choose a couple on Earth to carry their child until her birth. Think of it as God sending Jesus down from heaven and the story of Mary the Virgin Mother and Joseph. The parents abandoned Bai Zhen in front of the Háo shèng Temple where she was later taken in and raised up. It wasn't what the Panel had planned, but it got Bai Zhen to somewhere even better for that the Temple is highly acclaimed for their art in magic and fighting. Only one Monk was against the idea of raising the “demon child” – Brother Chao Min – the Head Priest’s advisor. The Head Priest – Father An Jia – had a vision of Bi Zhen’s arrival from her parents and takes her in. Even if he didn't have the vision, he still would have taken the orphan in.


Talents/quirks – When Bai Zhen was just starting out as a small child, she was rather quiet, reserved, and only went out of the Temple walls to run chores and attempt to socialize with the other villagers. Much of the time she never smiled or socialized with other children her age. Only when she first meets Cheng Hui does she start to come out of her shell and start to act like a somewhat normal human being. She becomes very cheerful and pleasant to all she meets, but still keeping onto some of her old traits like being reserved and wary of new people. After the Awakening, she becomes bitter and remorseful of losing the only two people who cared about her - the love of her life Cheng Hui and her adoptive father, teacher, and guardian, Father An Jin.


Read the following for more information:


Chinese mythology –…


About Zhong Kyu, Babz’ Father –…


About Meng Po, Babz’ mother –

So yeah, I just spilled the beans on Babz in the name of physical and written art. BUT IT'S WORTH IT BECAUSE IT WILL INSPIRE ME TO WRITE MORE AND MORE UNTIL I'M DONE.

Who knows?! Maybe Babz' story will get a sequel.

I'll stick with Babz for now in this contest, but I may ask for Cheng Hui too.

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Zara Jyne DeFarge or just "ZJ" (Not my real name but its what I go by nowadays) I also go by "Tenshi"

2. Age:
Really 21, looks 12-16, acts even younger

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Female obviously, that or I'm a guy with a SERIOUS CASE of man boobs (Not seriously, I'm a 36D and I've had a bust line since I was a baby)

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5' 1" or 155cm (I know ten-year-old who are taller than me)

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Hazel but can change (to a grayish-blue or green) due to what I'm wearing, the weather, or my mood

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Gumiho (a nine-tailed fox demon from Korean mythology. They can take the form of beautiful women in order to seduce men and devour either their heart or their liver.)

8. Siblings?
None...well, except for Kevin Woo of U-Kiss (inside joke with :iconangelo-heartilly: he's not REALLY my older brother but I wish he was...or Shindong from :iconsuperjuniorplz: Now he would be a awesome big brother) OH, and my little sister :iconz-panic:

9. Lover(s)?
None at the moment. But I do have billions of beautiful baby girls

10. Any talents/abilities/quirks?
Double jointed in my arms and legs, speaks a lil' Korean and Japanese (self taught,) lead singer of my own band, GENIUS WRITER! I an also do imitations

11. What’s you religion/belief system?

12. Do you go to school?
I go to a private school, a Senior in high school (retook the 4th grade due to old public schools failure to do it right.) I am also a dual enrollment student at Northshore Community College.

13. What do you like to wear?
Jeans mainly, kooky tee's and hoodies with Converse or Vans. Make-up obviously, eyeliner is my best friend. Oh, and cosplay =^-^= I lurvz the cosplay~~

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Natural, multi-faceted blond hair with lighter blond and red highlights. Messy and medium length with a VERY FINE texture

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Well, my body is in a small farming, middle-of-no-where town in Massachusetts, USA but my heart is in both South Korea and Japan...and in outer space

16. Any secrets?
*Laughs* Like I'd tell you them

17. Do you have a tattoo? Do you want one?
I'm planning on getting one with my mom one day. Great mother/daughter bonding time, ne? Either a pair of cardinal wings in between my shoulder blades (to commemorate my late grandfather, whom my mom and I believe was reincarnated into the bird of choice) or the words "strength" in Korean on my wrist

18. What about piercing?
Just the basic ones in each ear, thinking about getting a second and third one in each ear

19. Medical conditions?
Mild case of high functioning autism (Don't know what it is, look it up!) I'm allergic to peanuts and the stupid shit people do. In addition, I MIGHT have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an Immune Diffidence Disorder.

20. Are you generally violent?
I haven't been that provoked...yet...

21. Are you shy or outgoing?
I use to be INCREDIBLY SHY when I was little, now I'm outgoing as can be. Though sometimes I'm very shy when doing public speaking or around guys I like

22. Honest or deceitful?
Too honest for my own good

23. Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Both, depends on the mood

24. Loving or distant?
VERY loving

25. Bad or good?
...Depends... :iconevilsmileplz:

26. Name something unusual about yourself:
Since late March of '09 I've lost 100% interest in the music of America (Japan and South Korea make it better and the guys DAMN HOTTER!)

27. Give us something random about yourself:
I can do about 13 different imitations. Sooyoung of Girls' Generation's aegyo, Sunny of Girls' Generation's aegyo, Ke$ah's "singing" style, Erkle from Family Matters, Cartman from South Park, Xiah Junsu of DBSK/JYJ imitating a dolphin, a baby crocodile, Minhwan of FT Island's aegyo, Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia, a duck, etc.

28. Do you drink?

29. Smoke?

30. Do drugs?
Takes prescribed meds when needed

31. Are you addicted to anything?
Japanese pop music, Korean pop music, Japanese rock music, the color purple, sweet things, music in general, visual Kei, manga, anime, YAOI~!!!

32. Something’s you hate:
Stupid people, discrimination in any form, when people use the term "retard" incessantly, snobs, jerks, know-it-alls, ass-holes, guys who have crushes on me but don't get the idea that I hate their guts, wannabes, preps, beauty pageants off all sorts, war, when your past comes back to haunt you, fighting over pointless things, when people lie to me (that's happened a lot and it REALLY pisses me off so don't even think about trying it,) the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System test (or MCAS - it's more pointless than April Fool's day and Groundhog day put together,) my home state's policy on education (they are SERIOUSLY fucked up, no lie)

33. Something’s you love:
My iPhone4 named Jo Kwon, Invader Zim, yaoi, her tail collection, Denise the Box from Demyx Time, singing, writing her fanfics (Some of them are on DA so look in my gallery,) writing her own songs (which she will not give to you because she doesn't want people to steal them,) Hot Topic, her band, chocolate milk, shopping, Kamen Rider Kiva (Wataru wa totemo sekushīdesu!), hanging out with her equally crazy friends and family, fan service, neon colors, Abby Dawn, Converse, Vans, Airwalks, Cosplay, Pocky, showing off my intelligence to people who stereotype learning disabilities as stupid, going to raves, Visual Kei, Japanese Street fashion, YouTube, my multiple crushes (celebrity or not,) DeviantArt, StarDoll...

34. One thing you hate about yourself:

35. One thing you love about yourself:
How I'm able to make people love me (in romantic context or not) just by being myself

36. Are you smart?
MY IQ IS OVER 9000~!!!! (:iconlaughingplz::iconjkplz: but my parents and teachers say it's between 'average' and 'gifted')

37. Do you like to read?
PLEASE~! I've been reading since before I knew how

38. What are your favorite… books?
I read a lot of novels in school but I LURV manga most of all. My faves so far are...

-Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri
-Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom by Nakajo Hisaya (My ALL-TIME FAVORITE SERIES!!! It's old but I love the plot and the characters in it. Watashi wa anata o aishite, gōsutobōi~!)
-Junjo Romantica by Nakamura Shungiku (Like I said before, I L-U-R-V yaoi. Yuri is okay but staying as far away from hentai as possible after seeing a CyborgxJinx of Teen Titans hentai vid *Remember and goes to throw up in the toilet*)
-Axis Powers Hetalia by Himaruya Hidekaz (I wanna try my hand at a Northern Italy, Chibitalia, South Korea, and Ukraine cosplay someday)
-Death Note by Ohba Tsugumi (Mir of the K-pop group, MBLAQ, loves that series too *Fangirl sequels*)
-Black Butler by Toboso Yana
-Godchild by Yuki Kaori
-Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco (I make THE BEST Hunny-sempai ever!!!)
-Millennium Snow by Hatori Bisco

39. Movies?
Chocolate (Thai movie,) Alice in Wonderland (2010 version,) Zombie Land, Eagle Eye, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Super 8

40. People? (Crushes mainly)
Taguchi Junnosuke from KAT-TUN, Xiah Junsu from DBSK, Song Seunghyun and Choi Minhwan from FT Island, Seto Kouji, Yamamoto Yusuke, Miyavi-sensei, Reita from the GazettE, Thunder from MBLAQ, the list goes on for a while...Oh! And, of course, Choi Siwon from Super Junior

41. Animals?
Wolves, bears, foxes (understandable due to my race ^^,) ferrets, hawks, hamsters and rabbits

42. Things to do?
Sing, read, write, shop, hang out with friends, go to anime/manga conventions


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